Tom Gibbons Sound Design

"...and the nerve-jangling intensity of Tom Gibbons's sound. " Guardian review of Happy Days, Young Vic. 

Tom Gibbons is a London based sound designer specialising in creative and intelligent sound design for theatre, dance and performance arts.

As a sound designer I work in close collaboration with the director and creative team to find the best use of sound and music on any one project, whether that is to create atmosphere, show narrative or support character and the other design elements of the performance. As well as creating sound and music playback that can transform a performance space, I also work extensively with cast and crewmembers using live amplification and musical instruments. This is often done in the rehearsal period with the cast, so as to avoid a ‘bolted on’ feel in the final performance, and because it’s really good fun.

I work with many London based directors and theatre companies such as The RSC, HeadlongPaines Plough, Nabakov, Graeae, Tangled FeetJagged Fence, while also being the resident sound designer for the physical theatre company Parrot{in the}Tank.
On top of my primary work as a sound designer for theatre, I also work as a sound designer for film, animation and radio as well as cooperate and live music events. I continue to write pop songs and theme tunes with my writing partner Harry Coade.


"...while Tom Gibbons’ terrifying sound design rumbles darkly around the edges of our consciousness." Review of 'Shivered'